Traveling Trunks

10:00 AM  –  5:00 PM

Other times:

Traveling Trunks provide resources that focus on the American Cowboy and Native American culture. Teachers can tailor their program to accommodate any grade level. Items in the trunks include artifacts, tools, clothing, images of artwork from the Museum's collection, primary source activities, assessment suggestions, an story books to share with students. Utilize the trunks to help provide students a glimpse of their upcoming Museum visit, supplement campus based activities, or enrich sections by adding hands-on materials and lessons to your classroom. The Traveling Trunks are free of charge to pick up or drop off and are available for two-week periods.

Available Chests:

Cowboy Trunk: The American Cowboy, Teachers Lesson Plans, Grades 3-5

Native American Trunk: Teachers Lesson Plans, Grades 3-5